A December Proposal


Proposals. Anxiety central. I hear often from my fellow photographers how stressful and anxiety filled weddings can be. I would have to say that photographing the actual proposal takes the cake on all of that. Not knowing if I am in the right spot to get the best pictures.. oh and not mention when it’s someone you know, resisting the urge to not just be there in the moment and cheer your head off with […]

The Proposal | Dylan & Elizabeth


Where to even start…HMMMM…WELL! I would definitely like to thank my lovely and very talented friend Morgan Gould for suggesting me to Dylan as the photographer for his proposal. I get a call from Dylan, and we discuss how he would like everything to go down. 1. He and Elizabeth would be seeing ‘A Christmas Carol’. 2. At the intermission of the play, he would bring her outside where a horse carriage would be awaiting […]