A December Proposal

Proposals. Anxiety central. I hear often from my fellow photographers how stressful and anxiety filled weddings can be. I would have to say that photographing the actual proposal takes the cake on all of that. Not knowing if I am in the right spot to get the best pictures.. oh and not mention when it’s someone you know, resisting the urge to not just be there in the moment and cheer your head off with excitement!

I’ve known Camira (and her wonderful WONDERFUL daughter Charlie) for over 6 years now. I don’t even know how to put their awesome-ness into words. But they are such an incredible mother-daughter duo. Every photo session with them is just as fun as the last. They’re so easy going and of course super photogenic. I just love them so much.

So when Michael, Camira’s now fiancé, called me up and told me the plan for the proposal that was to happen during our 2016 photo session, I could not be more thrilled that this wonderful lady, who is always so good to me, was about to asked for her hand in marriage.

Michael and Camira are so good together. I really enjoyed seeing them interact with one another during this session. He is the male Camira. Haha. I could literally go on and on about Camira, Charlie and Michael…but I think the story speaks for itself through these photographs..


There’s always music playing in the background. Camira’s favorite artist Janet Jackson to be exact


Charlie: Mom I have an idea. I’ll stand here. You stand there. Michael should get down on his knee.

Michael: Well if I’m on my knee I should have something to give her don’t you think?


Can’t wait until the wedding!


  • Sharon Coleman
    5 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Megan once again just Beautiful I mean Beautiful I love how he and his daughter did it beautiful family love you mama

  • Tang
    6 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    These are so beautiful! I have tears in my eyes! Congrats Micheal , Cammie, and Charlie! I cannot wait until the big day! Much Love!

  • Blair
    6 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply


  • D. Randle
    7 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    This is absolutely Beautiful!!! The story. The pictures. The couple. Congratulations Michael! I am so happy for you!

  • 10 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    She’s beautiful Mike. There’s nothing more powerful than woman loves. Congrats bro.

    Very happy for you and your fiance.

  • 26 Dec 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Congratulations, Michael.

    When and where is your wedding so can mark my calendar?

    Your favorite Auntie.

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